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October 2021

By 12 September 2021August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South


Illustrator: Dede Putra

We’re Still Paying For The World Peter Jackson Created

Are huge film subsidies worth it?

By Madeleine Chapman

Dave Lowe taking an air flask sample at Baring Head, 1972. Photo: NIWA

“We spent 25 years doing virtually nothing”

The inside story of why New Zealand is one of the developed world’s worst laggards when it comes to combating climate change.

By Veronika Meduna

Peter Bier has won a national teaching award for excellence. Photo: Elise Manahan.

Best in Class

A round-up of some of the most popular, innovative and surprising courses at New Zealand’s universities.

By Patrice Dougan


A road trip around the country leads to questions of national identity and belonging.

By Linda Burgess

Anne Noble listening to her bees in Wellington. Photo: Peter Miles.

In the Company of Bees

Extracted from a collaborative work by gallery director Zara Stanhope, designer Anna Brown and the artist Anne Noble, this photo essay looks at bees, an ancient life form that suddenly became an indicator species for changes in the environment.

Four Corners

Dargaville, 1977: fisheries officers were instructed to stop poachers by blocking the road and holding up a stop sign. Chisholm writes that “we became a target doing this, and frequently had to leap into a roadside ditch as a poacher with a load on board swept past”. Photos: Supplied.

The Fish Police

True crime from the heyday of the mussel pirate.

By Konstantin Richter

The Man Who Predicted the Pandemic

By Konstantin Richter

The Second Life of a Swimming Pool

By Kiran Dass

From Afghanistan to Auckland

By Helen Glenny


Squeezing grapes at Matua Wines in Marlborough. Photo: Richard Brimer

Diving In

An up-and-coming Wellington poet finds freedom and strength underwater.

By Kiran Dass

About Town: Whakatāne

A trip to the east coast reveals a strong community whose togetherness is key in the aftermath of Whakaari/White Island’s eruption.

By Julie Clifton

The Hunt for Big Red

Around the country, winemakers are creating silken and symphonic red wines they’re quietly confident could challenge some of the Old World’s best.

Tobias Buck

Book Reviews

Paul Little on the history of the Going West Writers Festival, the story of a Kiwi woman ambling about Berlin with a heavy decision on her mind, the tribulations of an accidental teacher, and more.

How I Wrote

Paul Little talks to Dr Himali McInnes, a doctor and author, about writing and interviewing during a pandemic while still practicing medicine.


Illustration: Imogen Greenfield.


A mysterious sleeping sickness from the early 20th century could give medical historians clues about what to expect when it comes to navigating the troubling but as-yet-uncertain prospect of “long Covid”.

By Scott Hamilton


Crosswords and quiz by Graeme Wilson

10 Things

. . . to watch, eat, hear, see and do this month. Tess Nichol’s guide to living your best life.

The National Gallery

Featuring work by a New Zealand amateur artist every month.

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