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February 2022

By 15 January 2022August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South


Illustration: Daron Parton

Bad Jobs

The labour market is red hot — so why are hundreds of thousands of workers poor, insecure and stressed?

By Rebecca Macfie

The Sisters serve a meal at the Compassion Centre & Soup Kitchen in Wellington.
Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

Waiting for a Miracle

New Zealand has no Catholic saints — yet. But we have our first best shot: Suzanne Aubert.

By Oliver Lewis

Illustration of pointing fingers.
Illustration: Imogen Greenfield

He Said, She . . .

Have New Zealand’s strict defamation laws killed our #MeToo movement?

By Pete McKenzie

The Shed. Photos byPhotos by Sarah Rowlands
Photo: Sarah Rowlands

Photo Essay: Saving the Shed

An architect and a photographer team up to document the Kiwi woolshed — a classic roadside structure whose use is gradually fading.

By Sarah Rowlands

Four Corners

Cheese rolls, photo Ben Mack.
Cheese rolls from Little Peckish were made with white bread. The owners reckon they’ve served more than 33,000 over the years. Photo: Ben Mack

Big and Bald

Haast’s eagle continues to awe, more 600 years since its extinction.

The Judge’s Tale

Justice Susan Glazebrook on trying to save lives in Afghanistan.

Rest in Cheese

The end of an era for a Southland delicacy in the capital.

By Ben Mack

Country Feedback

Broadcaster Sarah Perriam on tackling some of the trickiest topics in farming.

By Helen Glenny

Haast's eagle illustration.

Culture Etc.

Gloria of Greymouth
Photo: Sam Duckor-Jones

Gloria of Greymouth

Half art project and half home, an old West Coast church undergoes a remarkable makeover.

By Sarah Webster

About Town: Millers Flat

The sun-bleached landscapes of a Central Otago summer evoke childhood memories of stonefruit, freedom and family.

By Nicholas Sheppard

Dog Days

On acquiring a four-legged companion for the plague year(s).

By Linda Burgess

Book Reviews

Paul Little on the history of our public policy process, life and death in a Christchurch mansion, the story of our wild weather and more.

How I Wrote

Paul Little talks to Martin Hill and Philippa Jones — artists, writers and climbers on their book Fine Line, billed as “environmental art”.


hiking boots.
Illustration: Imogen Greenfield


Dismissal by Western scientists of mātauranga Māori as unscientific “myth” often succumbs to its own criticism — failure to gather accurate supporting evidence.

10 Things

. . . to watch, eat, hear, see and do this month. Tess Nichol’s guide to living your best life.


Crosswords and quiz by Graeme Wilson.

National Gallery

Featuring work by a New Zealand amateur artist every month.

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