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December 2022

By 12 November 2022August 7th, 2023Issue, North&South
Photo: Jane Wyles

Planet of the Dogs

Man’s rugged best friend or cosseted “fur baby”? For many dog owners, that’s not even a question: dogs are part of our families and there’s around one million of them in Aotearoa. But do gourmet food and fancy clothes make a dog any happier? Experts question who is really making who happy in a modern dog’s life.

By Gabi Lardies

Photo: George Driver

How’s the Air Up There?

In a tiny Central Otago settlement, globally-critical work is done to monitor the ozone layer and killer UV rays.

By George Driver

Photo: Courtesy of Horowhenua Historical Society Inc, Levin

50 Years Since Big Norm

Five decades ago this month, Norman Kirk was sworn in as prime minister. His term in office was brief, but the big man left a big impact on modern New Zealand.

By Ollie Neas

Photo: International Bureau of Weights and Measures, CC

Giving Due Weight

How we do know how much exactly a kilo weighs? In a Wellington lab, metrologists are applying Kiwi practicality to weighty matters.

By Mirjam Guesgen

Photo: Vanessa Green

The Liggins Legacy

The Liggins Institute’s ground-breaking research was a turning point in the care of premature babies. Today, those first babies are in their 50s and helping the science that helped them.

By Donna Chisholm

Though not a feathery friend, this flying furball was crowned bird of the year in 2021. For bird lovers, this was not without controversy.

Summers With Peter

Remembering sunnier days with Peter Ellis.

By Jane Casey

Cat, Mouse & Clamping

Mister Organ hits cinemas.

By Tess Nichol

Save the Date

Happenings around the motu.

By Danielle Butler

The Map: Baby bird-spotting


By Gabi Lardies

Foreign Correspondence

What we’re doing in Ukraine.

By Peter Bale

Photo: Tulia Thompson

Selling Britishness

Historian Felicity Barnes explores the emotive marketing of “empire” in the selling of New Zealand’s products back to the United Kingdom.

By Tess Nichol

A Recipe For Life

At 24, Tess Nichol was given Ripe Deli’s first recipe book. With their fourth now out, she remembers the joy of discovering how to cook.

By Tess Nichol

The Grapevine: Two Paddocks

Two Paddocks stretches across vineyards in three Central Otago wine-growing areas, the lauded project of actor and pinot noir enthusiast, Sir Sam Neill.

By Tobias Buck

Travel: When Samoa Calls

Transplanted Wellingtonian Ross Bidmead enjoys a leisurely cycle around Savai‘i.

By Ross Bidmead

About Town: Leigh

Putting up the tent never gets easier, but summery days in Leigh, north of Auckland, are otherwise a dream.

By Tulia Thompson

The December Bookshelf

A chatty magpie, elegant rooms recorded, a thoughtful tome from comedian Chris Parker; it’s an eclectic shelf this month.

By Paul Little

Backstory: Aliens

Beings from another world who honour nature: many Pacific legends have parallels with modern storytelling.

By Scott Hamilton


The Whiz Quiz and crossword.

By Graeme Wilson

Meet the Maker

Woodworker John Robertson, photographed by Hohua Kurene. 

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