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November 2023

By 16 October 2023October 26th, 2023Issue, North&South


Photo: Scott Hardy

Sir George Fistonich: legacy & loss

When it all fell apart, a wine industry visionary was left feeling bitter and betrayed

By Joanne Drayton

Photo: Shutterstock

A vintner’s tale

An influential figure in the New Zealand wine world looks back on his family’s early struggles.

Peter Hubscher

Photo: Shutterstock

Who owns our wine?

Who’s profiting when you pluck a bottle of wine off the supermarket shelf?

By Stephen Wong

Photo: Courtesy of EnviroStrat – Kinanomics

Possums of the deep

A solution to our out-of-control kina.

By Theo Macdonald

Photo: Shutterstock

Burps & bluster

Is the way we count our methane fair on farmers?

By George Driver

Photo: Shutterstock

How do you solve a problem like housing?

The German model is worth a look.

By Theo Macdonald

Photo: Alexander Turnbull Library

The homicidal punt

Crimes from papers past.

By Ruth Spencer

From her Roswell, New Mexico base, Jess Johnson has been exploring the American Southwest, including Meteor City Trading Post in bordering Arizona.


Try our latest Spotify playlist.

By Victoria Spence


A dinner party queen’s dishes for sharing.

By Tina Duncan


Life in UFO central.

By Jess Johnson

Save the date

Music, art, comedy and festivals galore.

By Nadia Shaw-Owens


A flawed Elon Musk biography, plus best new novels and poetry.

By Theo Macdonald

Buy well

Premium whiskey, wine and wool.


Crosswords and more.

By Graeme Wilson

Photo: Victoria Birkinshaw

Hardwired for doomsday

Nuclear and climate change anxiety parallels in a new book.

By Theo Macdonald

Back in frame

Diane Arbus’ work makes a return visit.

By Theo Macdonald

Beyond words

An artist’s thoughts on a large scale.

By Theo Macdonald

Island weaver

Intricate kete made on
tranquil Kāpiti Island.

By Sharon Stephenson

National treasures

Things are looking up for a historic merchant ship in Picton.

By Ben Mack

My first ever…

In-flight romance… love blossoms at 35,000 feet.

By Alison Cutler

Couch surfing

How does a rational person respond to something unbelievable?

By Dr Curious


But is it really the poet who’s speaking here?

By Bill Manhire

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