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March 2024

By 19 February 2024April 3rd, 2024Issue


Photo: TVNZ

Objectively speaking

John Campbell’s recent op-eds reignite longstanding arguments.

By Jeremy Rose

Photo: Frances Rawling, photographed in 2020

A lonely death

The last resident of Christchurch’s red zone.

By Charlie Mitchell

Photo: Shutterstock

The price of milk

A new law on killing bobby calves is changing dairy farming.

By Karen Trebilcock

Photo: Theo Macdonald

How much a dollar cost?

Tricky investing questions arise with Israel’s war on Gaza.

By Theo Macdonald

Photo: Melanie Newfield

Seeds of change

A long view on civilisation’s impact on earth.

By Melanie Newfield

Photo: Shutterstock

Meet the inventor of the internet

Vinton Cerf was at the forefront of the web.

James Ball

Photo: Atutahi Potaka-Dewes, PMN News.


By Chris Corson-Scott

Fronting Up

By Theo Macdonald

Four corners

By Nadia Shaw-Owens

Illustration by Daphne Simons.

Our city, our Auckland

The best things to do and see in the City of Sales.

Foreskin’s lament

A prizewinning writer remembers something painful.

By Joseph Trinidad

Southern gothic

Josiah Morgan is ready for his close-up.

By Theo Macdonald

My first ever…King Lear jet ride

A medical emergency, a new perspective.

By Yvonne Van Dongen

Couch Surfing

From Freud’s sofa to your office chair.

By Dr Curious


Notes on broccoli.

By Bill Manhire

The sound of violence

A filmmaker in Auschwitz.

By Theo Macdonald

Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking

Chop salad, pork belly and sweets to die for.

By Danielle Alvarez


A Scottish homecoming.

By John Sinclair


Crosswords and more.

By Graham Wilson

Save the date

Music, art, comedy and festivals galore.

By Reuben Wickstead

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